Change is Nature - Fresh Linen Bulk Detergent Sheets
Change is Nature - Fresh Linen Detergent Strip
Change is Nature - Fresh Linen Bulk Detergent Sheets
Change is Nature - Fresh Linen Detergent Strip

Fresh Linen Bulk Eco-Laundry Detergent Sheets (500 Loads)

$150.00 Sale Save
Quantity 500 Loads (250 Sheets)

Do your laundry the waste-free way, and save money too! At a cost of just 0.21 cents per load, our Bulk Sheets are THE MOST cost-effective way to purchase our Eco-Laundry Detergent Sheets. Our Bulk Detergent Sheets are unpackaged, so you can feel great about cleaning your laundry without creating any waste. 


Change is Nature - hot and cold
Change is Nature - HE compatible
Change is Nature - Hand wash

Fast dissolving

Entirely dissolves in hot or cold water in 3 seconds or less.

Super Concentrated

1 Strip = 1 Load.

ONE strip will wash a regular load of laundry.

Easy to use

Simply toss a single detergent strip into your washer, add your laundry, and start your load!


Change is Nature - Super Concentrated
Change is Nature - Plant-based and Plastic-free
Change is Nature - Hypoallergenic

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anita Kirkbride
Love the scents!

If you have a chance to use these scents and line-dry your bedsheets you will have the best night's sleep ever. The sheets just FEEL cleaner. Anyway, I love these laundry strips.

Fresh & Good for the planet

I was looking for this product as an alternative to purchasing big single-use containers full of liquid detergent. Was so happy to order my first pack and it was delivered so quickly! Worked like a charm and now I can leave those clunky wasteful containers behind. Most of all I get to support a local business.

Terry Canning
Excellent product and competitive cost

We have been using Change is Nature laundry sheets pretty much since we discovered them at a Saltscapes Expo and absolutely love them. Very little waste, totally clean, fresh clothes, and so easy to store and use. We've happily introduced all of our friends to them.

Great product!

I've been using these detergent strips for awhile now and think they're incredibly effective at cleaning my laundry. I love the light scent too!

The best part for me is the lack of packaging. No more bulky bottles! And no more weird blue liquid that I always seemed to drip everywhere.

I think it's great that this is a sustainable and more effective choice. Make the change, you won't regret it!


I wanted to let you know I received my package on Thursday, shipping was fast. And thank you for the free samples with my order. I tried 1/2 a sheet on some bath towels. The bath towels were a bit stinky from being damp and sitting around so I thought it would be a good idea to test this detergent on them. I started my washer, dropped in 1/2 sheet as recommended, which dissolved right away and the sheets have a nice smell but not overpowering. Once the towels were done washing I threw them in the dryer. And I have to say the detergent did a marvellous job! My towels are clean and they don’t smell musty or stinky. They smell clean! I like the fact I don’t have to lug bottles home from the grocery store or measure out the liquid. And since I have sensitive skin I can’t use Tide or anything similar. I also found your laundry strips affordable. I tend to only buy detergent when it goes on sale because it’s so expensive. Not to mention, helping the environment too.

Thanks again!