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Change is Nature is a small, independent, minority and woman-owned business by founders Brittany Pickrem and Nemo Lopez. We're two entrepreneurs who are passionate about making a positive difference in human and environmental health by offering affordable, clean and safe household cleaning products.

Change is Nature is not a subsidiary of a holding company or an MLM. To learn more about us, check out this blog post.

Polyvinyl Alcohol: A biodegradable, non-toxic, water-soluble grade polymer that fully breaks down in the environment within 90 days. Contrary to misinformation about this ingredient, it is not a microplastic. This ingredient prevents dirt from getting back into fabrics during the wash cycle. 

Glycerol: Plant-based glycerin made from soy. Helps prevent moisture-loss in the product.  

Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate: Plant-based cleanser derived from coconuts. Helps to lift and remove dirt from fabrics. 

Deionized Water: Purified water that has had most of its mineral ions removed.

Glycereth Cocoate: Plant-based cleanser with emulsifying properties made from coconut oil. Helps naturally soften water, and to quickly dissolve the product. 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB): Plant-based cleanser made from coconuts. Helps remove dirt and oil from the surface of fabrics. 

Sodium Gluconate: Plant-based, biodegradable water softener, that prevents dirt from reattaching to clothing, by breaking the calcium bond that traps dirt in fabrics. 

Potassium Sorbate: Also known as Mountain Ash tree berries. Helps naturally preserve the product.

Saponins: Plant-based cleanser made from the Soapberry Tree. Helps remove dirt, oil, smells and stains from fabrics. 

Decyl Glucoside: Gentle, Plant-based cleanser made from the fatty alcohol derived from the glucose from cornstarch and coconut oil. Helps properly distribute product ingredients, and makes it easy to rinse away and remove residue.

Coconut oil: Helps rinse away cleansers, stains, dirt and oil from clothing. 

Natural Protease Enzymes: Plant-based enzymatic cleanser. Helps remove protein-based stains caused by food, grass, and body fluids. 

Fragrance: Included only in our Fresh Linen Scent. Not used in our unscented product.

Our company is 100% locally owned and operated in Atlantic Canada and our products are designed with love in Atlantic Canada. In order to offer an affordable and earth-friendly laundry detergent to our customers, we've partnered with a production facility that is based in East Asia. They hold certifications from:

International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and ISO 9001 Certification by SGS

Using our product is easy-peasy.

1. Detach ONE strip from a sheet

2. Top Load Washer: Place strip inside washer

Front Load Washer: Place strip in detergent dispenser (fold strip if necessary)

3. Add your clothes and start your washer

Do a victory dance! You're reducing pollution while doing your laundry after all.

We're proud to offer gentle, plant-based ingredients in our products. Our formula is safe for all skin types. For extra sensitive skin, or scent sensitivities - we recommend trying our Unscented sheets as your best option.

Animals are our friends. Our product is vegan, as it has never been tested on animals, and does not contain any animal products.

Yes! You and your HE machine will fall for our fast dissolving eco-laundry detergent sheets.

Yes our product is safe to use with a septic system. Our product is 100% biodegradable, phosphate-free, and plastic-free too!

Yes! A little bit of our product goes a long way when hand washing your clothing. Due to it's concentrated formula we recommend using only a quarter of a single strip for hand washing your clothing.

Yes, our product will work for both hot and cold washes. BUT! We recommend washing your clothing in cold water whenever possible. Cold water will help you save on energy costs, is tougher on stains, and reduces the chances of your clothing shrinking and wrinkling too!

Allow 3-7 business days for your product to ship if you're ordering within Atlantic Canada, and 7-10 business days, Canada-wide.

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